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Guest Post: Save the World With $20?

by admin on October 8, 2012

The following is a guest post from Allison Morris (alli.morris85 [at] gmail [dot] com).  Be sure to check out her awesome info-graphic on microlending below the text:
Can you save the world with $20? You absolutely can. Learn something about the world of microlending, the practice of loaning small amounts of money to those in developing countries. With only 3,600 microlenders serving 75 million people around the world, it’s clear that this trend toward providing access to credit for the unbanked is one of the best and only ways to combat the poverty and debt cycle experienced by so many worldwide. Microlending builds economic equality for women, especially — women who, in Africa, make up 60% of the rural labor force, yet contribute up to 80% of food production for the continent. 82.3% of those seeking microloans are women, many with families that lack the means to break a vicious poverty cycle without access to proper credit and banks. While microlending doesn’t require collateral or a credit history to serve its lenders, a mere $27 loan is enough for many to rise out of poverty. And with 3 billion people in the world lacking access to proper credit, and only 4% of those currently able to escape poverty, there’s a definite need to break the practice of local loan sharks overcharging for expected weekly loans.

While the microcredit process isn’t perfect, non-profit microlenders such as Accion International, the Women’s Initiative, Business Center for New Americans, and microcredit pioneer Grameen Bank, exist to serve those in abject poverty while also providing incentives for people to save. While for-profit lenders use aggressive collection methods to maintain a 95% repayment rate and often charge over 125% interest, the non-profit lenders charge interest rates barely upwards of 10%. Non-profit lenders avoid lending sums over five times the borrower’s income, which is a common practice of the for-profit loan sharks. While microlending might be able to change the world for the better, it’s the non-profit lenders to look to if you’re trying to make a difference, or escape the poverty cycle yourself.

(click the image below to see it full size)

Haiti Microcredit

(graphic brought to you by CreditScore.net)


A Few Updates

by admin on December 26, 2011

We just received the following e-mail from the “Peasant Association of Fondwa” (APF):

Greetings to all Fondwa friends and supporters.

We hope that this email finds you in great health and in good spirit for the upcoming holiday season. Thanks to some of you, APF in Haiti has known some progress.
–   The St. Anthony elementary and high school has started reconstruction.
–   A handsome grant has been received bya European group “CARITAS Italy”   to sponsor the Small Entrepreneurs of Fondwa reconstructing their business.
–   This same grant will allow APF to train the local farmers to better harvest their farms and be productive.
–   APF also startedphase 1 of the temporary reconstruction of the Community Center which is the key house for the Peasant Association of Fondwa.
–   A contract “Partnership for Digital Inclusion in Fondwa” is being secured between One-economy group from Washington DC USA to help train leaders in computers and maintaining a computerized library in Fondwa/Port-au-Prince and beyond.
Also be sure to check out the brand new winter 2011 newsletter from the APF that goes into more depth on the great work happening in Fondwa these days.


Fondwa Update After Three Months

April 19, 2010

Hi all – things in Fondwa are moving slowly. APF partnered with the World Food Program to distribute food to more than 2,000 beneficiaries. Tents arrived in Fondwa – both from donors and also President of UNIF Riche Zamor who visited Fondwa this past week. UNIF finished off the first semester 2 weeks ago. UNIF […]

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Fondwa March 22

March 23, 2010

My apologies for taking such a large break from this blog. Fondwa is starting to progress. The School of St. Antoine and the Univeristy of Fondwa have opened their doors again, but it is still a huge struggle. 75% of the UNIF students returned on March 15 to finish the three remaining weeks of their […]

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Innovation Park at Notre Dame

February 24, 2010

We have just announced a new partnership with “Innovation Park” at the University of Notre Dame. This is an exciting development for us, and for the prospects of the film overall. We would like to thank Innovation Park for their generosity and support as we continue to scale things up with distribution of The Road […]

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Fondwa Week 5 Update Feb 14-20

February 22, 2010

February 14 – 20 Haiti Update: February 12-14 were national days of mourning and prayer. This was the weekend that was to be Kanavel. February 14 saw some small ra-ra’s (street rallys) throughout Port-au-Prince and Leogane. International Organization Update: Save the Children and Fondation Feuilles d’Hier visited Fondwa for the second time to plan the […]

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Fondwa Week 4 Update (Feb 8 – 12)

February 11, 2010

February 10, 2010 Hi, I’m Allison and I’ve been working in Fondwa since July. I was here during the quake and am going to post weekly updates about the situation in Fondwa. International Aid: Up until now, Fondwa has been visited by Heart to Heart International who administered medical aid for a day and a […]

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Hospice St. Joseph in Port-Au-Prince

January 27, 2010

While in Haiti shooting The Road to Fondwa we stayed at the Hospice St. Joseph, in Port-Au-Prince, for several nights. This building was a place that many ex-pats had stayed at throughout the years, and it was always a welcoming and safe community. This is where Dan Schnorr (director of The Road to Fondwa) stayed […]

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Good News from Fondwa:

January 27, 2010

This is an e-mail we got today from our friend Dr. Rich Gosser, Executive Director or Partners in Progress – an American NGO partnered closely with the community of Fondwa. ——————— Friends, After days filled with concern for the Sisters, children, and others in Fondwa and mounting frustration over the absence of relief coming to […]

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Fondwa Segment on NBC San Diego

January 25, 2010

The NBC affiliate in San Diego did a segment on Fondwa this morning. Correspondent Jenn Van Grove interviewed Allison DePasquale who is a volunteer with the University of Fondwa. During the segment we also heard from a representative from the Peasant Association of Fondwa. Watch the embedded video below: Read the full story here:.

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