Haiti Film – Watch “The Road to Fondwa”:


Buy The Road to Fondwa on DVD - All proceeds go to earthquake relief efforts in the area of Fondwa, Haiti.

Since we began working on The Road to Fondwa we have had 3 core goals:

1. To spread the word about Fondwa’s alternative vision for sustainable development;

2. To present a realistic view of Haiti;

3. To increase collaboration with and financial support for the people of Fondwa, and Haiti in general.

To purchase a film and support Haiti relief efforts, please click here to buy from Amazon.

Once you’ve seen the film, we would love to hear what you think via Twitter (@roadtofondwa), e-mail, or facebook!

We have had over 30,000 views on YouTube and over 3,000 views on Vimeo. Please help us to spread the word to keep this number growing!

Screenings: Help to raise funding and awareness for Haiti by screening The Road to Fondwa at your school, church, business, book club, etc. We are building a map of screenings around the world, let’s fill it up! Click here for specific instructions on how to set up a successful screening!

Reactions to The Road to Fondwa (add your own as a “comment” below):

“Less a cinematic opus, and more a dry and gritty survey, “Road to Fondwa” offers the viewer a glimpse into the sad pathos of Haiti. Still, the Haitian legacy of resilience and survival rings true in the movie. There was a hopeful light in the eyes of the Haitian people that penetrated the cameras.”
– NYTimes.com. The Local – Fort Greene / Clinton Hill

“Finally, a documentary that shows Haiti’s potential and the potential within us all. As a Haitian it made me proud, and as a human being it made me want to dance!”
– Carine Fabius. Owner, Galerie Lakaye Haitian Art Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

“The Road to Fondwa is a wonderful movie that transports viewers along several intersecting routes– a jarring road to awareness of Haiti’s harrowing poverty and of the heavy burden of US responsibility for creating it; an uplifting path to appreciation of Haiti’s heroic history and indomitable spirit of resilience and resistance; and an inspiring runway to action in solidarity with Haitians’ determined efforts to build a road to a better future for all.”
– Andrew Marx. Director of Communications, Partners in Health

“[…] My kids & I saw the film at the Coolidge Corner theatre along with several other PIHers. Our response was overwhelmingly positive. We appreciated the depiction of Haiti, and the effort to support development of the community, especially through education. The style was easy & informative, even for a 7 & 11 year-old.  I appreciate that you set out to do something different from what others have done on Haiti, and think you’ve largely succeeded. […]”
-Carole D. Mitnick Sc.D., Instructor, Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School.

“The Road to Fondwa portrayed a very positive message about Haiti, one full of triumph and hope. After viewing you will be moved to find out how you can help too.”
-Tej Nuthulaganti. Premedical Trustee-at-Large, National Board of Trustees American Medical Student Association (AMSA)

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